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S70 card
Apr 27, 2018

Parameter description :

● Communication speed: 106Kbps

● Reading and writing distance: 0 to 100mm

● Read and write time: 1 ~ 5ms

● Working temperature: -20°C ~ +55°C

● Erasure life: >100,000 times

● Data storage: >10 years

● Overall dimensions: ISO standard card 85.6x54x0.82

● Packaging material: PVC, PET, PETG, 0.13mm copper wire

● Packaging process: Ultrasonic automatic line/automatic touch welding

● Execution standard: ISO14443A

● Available sizes: 85.6×54,83×20,70×40,50×50,45×45,45×28,44×20,38×38,35×30

Application :Access control, attendance, meeting attendance, identification, logistics, industrial automation, various membership cards, such as Shoufan, subway, transit token cards, clubs and other electronic consumer, electronic tickets, animal identification, target tracking, laundry management, various One card and so on.

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