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China ATM Bill Dispenser

China ATM Bill Dispenser

GBM-10 Module is designed for retail ATM and Kiosk ,is a lightweight and compact size dispenser and support for various kind of notes.Three cassettes cash dispenser


*Front access & back access  maintenance

*High capacity ,Max to 1000 pcs 

* High speed ,up tp 3.5pcs/sec 

* Roller Friction dispensing 

*Cassette ID detection function 

*RS232C interface 

* Online upgrading 


Repair  Front access or back access 
Qty of cassette 3Cassette ( Max )
Dispensing speed 3.5pcs/sec
Cassette capacity   1000pcs cash
Currency size  Length:120~170mm, , 
Width :63~80mm
Thickness : 0.07~0.18mm 
Cassette key Non (Key type as option) 
Reject type Bin type 
Reject capacity   50 notes 
Reject bin key Non (Key type as option)
Currency detection 50 or 100pcs cash 
Weight 17kg without shutter
Humidity Operation: 5%~80% RH;  Storage:5%~85% RH. Non-condensing 
Temperature Operation:  5°C~40°C;  Storage: -20°C~70°C 
Power 5V,24V 
Protocol  Wizmechatro type 
Interface Standard RS-232C(Emulation available) 

Shutter (Capacity 70pcs cash)


 How can we interact with the dispenser?

_ Free SDK will be provided to you including API,specification and demo to interact 

* Is there USB interface ?

-For this moment, only RS232C 

* Any difference between front access and back access ?

- The directions are different for dispensing the currrency .

* Can you provide the size of cash dispenser ?

- one cassette:299mm *185mm*308mm

   Two cassettes:299mm *185mm*495mm

  Three cassettes:299mm *185mm*682mm


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