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Kiosk Cash Dispenser

HCDM-2400 cash dispenser module is designed for medium-sized pavilion,edge banding machine automatic teller machine etc .
It support various of bills such as US dollar,Canadian dollar ,Japanese yen etc .
This series are extensible structure depends on customer's requirement.

HCDM-2400 series

Kiosk cash dispenser

Kiosk Cash Dispenser


This HCDM-2200/2400 Cash Dispense Module  is designed for standard to

medium type of Payment Kiosk, Banding Machine, ATM and Auto Cash Handling Machine, compatible with various types of banknote including US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Korean Won, Chinese Yien, etc. This model is medium class of cash dispense module that provides 1K note capacity security cassette with key lock, max 100 note capacity reject bin, ultrasonic double detection sensor, compact and stable construction with metal chassis. Also this series can be extensible structure up to 4 cassettes(HCDM-2400) in accordance with the customer’s request. Below picture is showing 2 cassette model of  HCDM-2400.






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