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what is contact IC card
May 21, 2018

An IC card is an abbreviation of an Integrated Circuit Card, and is a plastic card embedded with an integrated circuit chip. The shape and size of the IC card comply with international standards (ISO/IEC 7816, GB/T16649). The chip generally uses non-volatile memory (ROM, EEPROM), protection logic circuit, even with a microprocessor CPU. An IC card with a CPU is the real smart card.

There are three types of contact IC cards: a memory card or a memory card; a smart card with a CPU; a super smart card with a display, a keyboard, and a CPU. The advantages are large storage capacity, strong security, and easy to carry.


The SIM cards, UIM cards, and USIM cards of the mobile phones we are using now, and the financial IC cards that are being promoted by banks, all belong to the CPU cards and belong to smart cards with computing capabilities.

Hotel room door room cards, early medical insurance cards, membership cards, belong to the data storage card, this type of card part with logic protection, some without. However, they do not have data processing capabilities.

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